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Duplicate actions when using clicky.log()

I'm using clicky.log() to capture clicks on a few different iframes on the page. They are logged as type 'outbound'.

By way of a simple console.log() next to the call to clicky.log(), I'm confident that the call is only happening once. However when I make an api call for the actions-list, I'm seeing duplicates.

The duplicates are not consistent. Sometimes they don't happen at all. When a duplicate action does appear, it tends to be (pretty much always is) the second of the two iframes I've clicked about 1 second apart from each other. The duplicate timestamp can be up to a few seconds off from the original, either forward or backward in time.

As an interesting aside, I've noticed that the head of the actions-list is rather unstable. Items can appear in one api call only to disappear in the next, then reappear again in a third call. This makes me wonder if to be safe I should let the head "settle" and pull data that's at least a few minutes old.

Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

Posted Thu Feb 2 2017 4:34p by rycwils***

Just curious, did you get a more stable result from waiting longer?

With your console.log() debug I couldn't really think of anything you were doing wrong.

Posted Sat Feb 4 2017 1:10a by gladiu***

It's hard to say, because I uncovered some subtle flaws in the way I was consuming data that could have accounted for the handful of missing items.

Without doing an exhaustive analysis, I'm going with the short buffer. If I discover anything interesting when I have more sample data, I'll be sure to share it here.

Posted Tue Feb 7 2017 2:05p by rycwils***

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