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Goal tracking on Squarespace Forms

I built my site using Squarespace, and I'm using Clicky for analytics.

Normal visitor tracking is working fine, and I've been able to get Campaigns working using the URL method.

However, I'm not able to record completed goals when someone completes a form on my site. I set up a Goal "Lead form completed" and set it as a manual goal. I then entered the manual goal code into the "Post-Submit HTML" section on the Form on Squarespace. Because I've never done this before, I tried a few different ways of showing the ID, but I'm not sure which is right.

Here are the ones I've used:

(I can't submit with HTML in a forum post apparently, so only included the var clicky_goal part of the code.)

var clicky_goal = { id: "2231" };

var clicky_goal = { id: "Lead from Completed" };

var clicky_goal = { id: 2231 };

Can you tell me which script I should be using, and can you suggest reasons it may not be working?



Posted Tue Feb 7 2017 1:30p by eterne***

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