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Yandex issues


I'm experiencing many Yandex referrers on almost all of my sites. To me, it seems to be that Yandex is using different IP ranges for its bot and these are false positives.
All these visits are coming from many different IP addresses and they last for 10s max.

Posted Wed Feb 8 2017 2:01pm by ckissi

you are not alone. I had the same problem till 7th Feb. Many searches from Yandex with max 10s per stay.

Posted Thu Feb 9 2017 1:30am by Milaonsupps

Sorry for the second post, but it seems like this issue is continuing today. I can see the same searches today in my analytics. However, GA is not detecting them.

Posted Thu Feb 9 2017 1:32am by Milaonsupps

Put this in your robots.txt file in your root web directory.

User-agent: Yandex
Disallow: /

Posted Thu Feb 9 2017 9:30am by gladius9

robots.txt doesn't work. Yandex simply ignores it.

Posted Tue Feb 14 2017 2:08am by ckissi

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