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Clicky on every page?

I installed Clicky on my home page and is getting some traffic.

So is clicky tracking traffic only on that page or do I have to install it on every page?

Posted Mon Feb 20 2017 3:48p by theory816

Install on every page you want to track. You shouldn't need to do that manually. If you are using a wordpress site, there is a plugin for Clicky that will install on all pages for you.

Posted Mon Feb 20 2017 4p by johnneal

Thanks, kinda new to this. Was so happy getting my first 2 visitors lol

Posted Mon Feb 20 2017 4:38p by theory816

:-) from two to two million!

Posted Mon Feb 20 2017 5:36p by johnneal

Dancing is fun.

Posted Mon Feb 20 2017 7:45p by skilledflyer

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Posted Tue Feb 21 2017 12:32a by appsforsys

If you use cloudflare, just go to the apps menu and put the site id. Boom, clicky on every damn page!

Posted Wed Feb 22 2017 2:37a by angelcosta

I have WordPress and installed the code before the end of the head tag within the Theme Header. It says it appears that it was installed correctly. Is it tracking on all of the pages based on where I placed it? If not, where is the Plugin section in WordPress, or how should I go about installing it in that route? I'm obviously don't have any experience in this, I'm surprised I haven't crashed my site, any help would be much appreciated!!!

Posted Thu Feb 23 2017 5:07a by kfarrell42

I completely agree with your agrement and suggestion

Posted Sun Feb 26 2017 2:24a by Love2017

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