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Is it possible to see the companies name?


I've just upgraded my clicky account to the premium formula but when I look at "Organizations", I only see the IP addresses or operators but i can't have the companies name. Does this option exist? How can I do it please?

Thank you.

Posted Thu Feb 23 2017 5:21am by Dorisb

Is this on previous or new entries coming in? For good measure can try replacing your tracking code.

Posted Thu Feb 23 2017 6:43am by ringo64

Actually it's on both!
I have no idea how to fix this.

Posted Thu Feb 23 2017 7:35am by Dorisb

Try re-installing the tracking code. Don't think it would do anything but one more step before checking with Clicky that your account was upgraded.

Posted Thu Feb 23 2017 9:39am by ringo64

It doesn't always let you see the organization even with an upgraded account. It depends on how that org's server was set up. Sometimes it will only show as Comcast Business, Centurylink rather than BusinessXYZ.

Posted Thu Feb 23 2017 10:30am by ashleybrooke74

Okey, I'll try!

Thank you.

Posted Fri Feb 24 2017 2:27am by Dorisb


I've tried what you told me and unfortunately it didn't change anything.
I wanted to know: is it possible to go back to the free acount and to have a refund?

Posted Tue Feb 28 2017 6:41am by Dorisb


Posted Tue Feb 28 2017 6:41am by Dorisb

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