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1 action 10 seconds visits

I know that there has been posts about that topic before but they are about 7 years old so I decided to ask again in case there has been an update to this.

I get a lot, actually most of my visits are, 1 action 10 seconds visits. They are basically just hitting my index page and that's that.
Is it bot behavior? Or what does it indicate?
I'm on the free version.

Posted Mon Mar 20 2017 5:59am by lindaha

Free accounts are not pinged, so all one-page visits register as 10 seconds because there is no track being kept of how long the visitor stays on it.

Posted Mon Mar 20 2017 11:17am by joelkehler

I've got a paying account, and i'm experiencing the same issue. Could you indicate me the cause ? Thanks

Posted Fri Mar 24 2017 2:43am by davidbparis

It could be a user searching for something and when they land on your page its not relevant to what they are searching. Also, if you are advertising on PPC or Display Ads it could be a competitor clicking your ads.

Posted Sun Mar 26 2017 8:20am by Generati0n

Ok Thanks ;)

Posted Sun Mar 26 2017 1:43pm by davidbparis

In my case, a lot of these 1 action 10s visits come from IP adresses beginning with 138.197.xx and they never go further than my index page. They hit once or twice a day, almost every day, and only my index page. It is several IPs all with 138.197.xx. So I don't think that this is users randomly landing on my page or just not being pinged as there seems to be a pattern.
What could it be?

Posted Sun Mar 26 2017 2:56pm by lindaha

I have the same issue with traffic from the USA beginning with and

And GA doesn't catch this traffic at all. So it seems like a bot, but why Clicky track it as a traffic and GA don't? And I couldn't figure out how to filter this traffic. Except for tagging each IP, but it will be insane to do it every day.

Posted Mon Mar 27 2017 1:38am by Milaonsupps

Lindaha, are you doing paid advertising or is the traffic organic?

Posted Tue Mar 28 2017 7:33am by Generati0n

I do not do any kind of paid advertising so I assume the traffic is organic.

Posted Tue Mar 28 2017 11:31am by lindaha

Hello, any update to this? I have no advertising on the website and I keep getting these 1 action 10 seconds visits from 138.197.xxxxx IPs almost every day.
Does anyone have an idea what it could be?

Posted Mon Apr 3 2017 2:26am by lindaha

That IP belongs to Digital Ocean, so it could be a bot, but is more likely a VPN user. Do you have a friend who checks your blog to see how you're doing, and also uses a VPN for online privacy? Or the Chrome plugins that let you get around online location stuff (ie seeing Hulu in Canada?) Thats what it sounds like. I wouldn't worry about it.

Posted Tue Apr 4 2017 10:30am by deliajones

Thanks for the response.
As my homepage is a portfolio and not a blog, I don't have the same users coming to my homepage so much. So I don't think it would be the same user. Also the 1 action 10s frequency is unchanging and doesn't speak for an individual visiting. That is why I was asking if this is known bot behavior to hit 1 action 10s mostly once and almost every day.

Posted Tue Apr 4 2017 11:33am by lindaha

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