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Tracking the Page Before the Goal

Is there a way to easily view the single page that was before the goal (not the entire path) instead of having to go through all of each user's actions? My goal is set as clicking on a buy link which takes the user to an intermediary page. Since this goal is broad, it can be reached from thousands of event pages. Is there a way to list out each respective event page (one for each user) before they reached the goal?

Hopefully this makes sense - please let me know if I need to clarify.

Posted Thu Mar 5 2009 7:28p by ticketstum***

Not currently but we're planning to add some path analysis features which would work well for this situation.

Posted Fri Mar 6 2009 7:50a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I would like to add a STRONG vote for this feature. It would be awesome.


Posted Thu Jun 18 2009 7:22a by joebn***

Hi ! Is this now implemented ? I don't manage to find this feature in the actual webapp...

Posted Mon Jan 30 2017 2:11p by Kysba***

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