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I started my web site with free webs, and used clicky stats there, but latter signed into clciky stats externally, how do i get the old stats showing on free webs to come up in clicky stats. if you understand what i mean, as the log in for clicky stats just shows from when i signed up which was yesterday, while i have been using cliscky stats for a few months through free webs.
new to this so be slow.

Posted Wed Apr 15 2009 6:52a by worthrespo***

Unfortunately we don't have a way to transfer your data from your Freewebs Clicky account to your new Clicky account. Sorry :(

Posted Wed Apr 15 2009 10:29a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thanks, i will just have to wait with anticiptation for more visitors to see hwo it goes

Posted Wed Apr 15 2009 2:15p by worthrespo***

My website is also with Recently changes were made which includes a stat counter, this counter seems accurate and clicky has decreased in the amount of visitors. I like Clicky better though. Is there any way that Clicky can be the dominate counter?

Posted Mon Dec 19 2016 5:31a by PoodleLad***

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