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Iphone Login Not Working

I get the Username and Password login options and, once I have typed in my credentials, and click submit, nothing happens. No error messages etc..

I have saved the link as an icon on my Iphone homepage, so not sure if that is the problem. The link I saved was the one I clicked on from the getclicky home page.

I can't understand it as, if I type in "demo" with no password, it works fine.

When I go to the standard Get Clicky login just using safari ( I can login fine using the exact same credentials as don't work on the Iphone specific site.

Also - and finally - it used to work fine up until about three weeks ago.


Posted Wed Apr 29 2009 3:24a by dwlova***

Try going to in your desktop Safari browser and see if you can login that way?

Posted Thu Apr 30 2009 11:25a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I am having this issue as well. I've tried using and Hovering on the Submit button show it links to

Posted Wed Jun 10 2009 11:42p by brandst***

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