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How can I stop logging my visits?

How can I keep my visits from showing up? Is there a way to block my IP?

Whether I have this set up on a Word Press blog, or just a static site, my visits are showing. I did tick the box in the Word Press plugin that said, "ignore administrator visits", but it didn't make any difference.


Posted Fri May 1 2009 12:08a by mesaver***

In the Preferences for your site, go to the IP Tags & Filters section and at the bottom click the link that adds the cookie so that you will not be tracked. You will have to add a cookie for every site you monitor but don't want to be tracked on.


Posted Fri May 1 2009 11:45a by fruitfulsolu***

Oh, and on that page, you can also add your IP address if you do not want to set a cookie. However, if your IP address is dynamic and changes you'll be tracked again. And, if you block your work's (or similar) IP address, no visits from that IP will be tracked. I think it is best to set the cookie, IMO.


Posted Fri May 1 2009 11:47a by fruitfulsolu***

Thanks Jeff, I've now done both! However, I have a program that wipes out my cookies every night, so I guess I'll have to figure out the names of the cookies and put them on my safe list! I had a similar issue with the last analytics service I used.

Thanks again for the help in navigating the service. (I'm just days "new" using it.)


Posted Fri May 1 2009 12:21p by mesaver***

It's a great service, Lauren, and you're going to love it! I've been a Clicky user for quite a while now and it is the best thing ever to have Real Time stats at your fingertips!

Best of luck!


Posted Fri May 1 2009 2:51p by fruitfulsolu***

You can block your IP address on the same page that Jeff mentioned. You can only do it site by site, not globally. And you can't block a whole C block or ISP; just a single IP address. If you log in from another location, or if your ISP changes your IP address, you have to repeat the block.

Long term, the best solution is to build your sites up to 1 million visits per month each, so that the visits from you are not affecting things in a statistically significant way. ;-)

Posted Sat May 2 2009 10:08p by mark***

Ha! Yes, great reason to get the page views up! (Among others!) ;-)

Posted Sun May 3 2009 1:39p by mesaver***

Block unique ID (Eindeutig ID:) 3926194793197051950 would be the best solution.
If ab Webmaster check 10 Websites with 5 browser each, he get confused.

Just let him block his own unique ID globally and everything should be fine!

Posted Sun Feb 20 2011 12:46p by Tobias_Co***

How can I get my unique ID in order to prevent clicky from tracking my visits on my own website?
I can't use the cookie option because I delete all cookies and history from my browser on every session for security purposes.

Posted Tue Feb 21 2017 6:10a by Mariale***

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