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Separate google image traffic from normal search traffic

I wish I could do that. My site is heavily based on pictures, and I really wish I could distinguis between search traffic and google image traffic.
I get a lot of /it/ar/mx/es (all international domains) separated on reports, it would be nice to be able to know what amount in total came from images only.
Am I making any sense here? my English sucks at explaining technical stuff :(

Posted Sat Jun 14 2008 12:22p by hollywood***

What if we modified "traffic sources" a bit so in addition to "searches" we also had "image searches"? Searches would be for normal searches only, and image searches wouuld obviously be for image searches only.

Posted Sat Jun 14 2008 12:49p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

That would be awesomeness :D

Posted Sat Jun 14 2008 12:51p by hollywood***

Ok, I'll try to get that in this coming week. Won't be too hard.

Posted Sat Jun 14 2008 2:22p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thank you! :)

Posted Sat Jun 14 2008 2:33p by hollywood***

Any progress on this?

Posted Thu Aug 26 2010 4:28p by ucar***

Yes, i would like this feature. Did it get forgotten?

Posted Sun Aug 29 2010 5:39p by antec***

It's still on my (very long) list but it's not high priority.

Posted Sun Aug 29 2010 9:20p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I would love to see this feature, i have some sites that get hit hard by google images. In clicky it looks like quality traffic but in reality the people arn't engaging the site at all. It messes up the metrics. Woopra seperates out the google image searches.

Posted Tue Aug 31 2010 5:36p by antec***

I'm also interested in this feature.

Posted Sun Sep 5 2010 5:44a by vegasfe***

Jeez, ok :)

I've put it on the roadmap for this month.

Posted Sun Sep 5 2010 9:57a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thank you friendly clicky admin guy. You rock!

Posted Sat Oct 2 2010 1:19a by antec***

Much needed! Don't forget the different iterations of the domain
- and google.x/images

Posted Sun Oct 3 2010 11:37p by 1jump***

PS - the beta is taking longer than expected so this got bumped to be later this month :)

Posted Wed Oct 6 2010 2:15p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Patiently waiting... ;)

Posted Thu Oct 28 2010 10:06p by antec***

I would also LOVE to see this feature. I spend a lot of time in the Visitors view hovering over the little arrow to see if they are search or image search which is definitely annoying :)


Posted Thu Nov 11 2010 10:27a by brainya***

I'm really starting to hAte google. I'm getting crap loads of image search traffic - and for the most part it's useless, unconverting, and high bounce rate visitors.

Clicky PLEASE get this feature sorted!

Posted Tue Nov 16 2010 1:48p by antec***

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!

Posted Mon Dec 6 2010 5:49p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

What I noticed is that image traffic sucks, at least in my niche. People were hitting images from my design that had nothing to do with the purpose of the website, like buttons, arrows, backgrounds, etc. I know this is not really related to the thread, but I would like to leave my 2 cents here, because I see a lot of people getting excited about how much traffic they get from Google images, when the reality is that most of this traffic is random people that are not interested in your products/services. I saw a drop in conversion when I stopped advertinsing in Google AdWords last year, but couldn't understant why since I was getting the same amount of traffic from natural search. It was a great "discovery" for me to find out that the numbers were the same because I was getting a huge amount of traffic from the images, but obviously conversions were not the same because these people were just numbers, they weren't interested in my product. So I blocked index of my image file on robots.txt and my conversion rate went back to normal! I then created a "special" image folder only with keyword related names as image titles and spreaded these images on articles across my website. Now I get quality traffic from a few images, but not the bulk of people just trying to steal my design elements!

Posted Wed Jun 1 2011 9:39p by edito***

I would like the keyword analysis for media separated out from the overall keyword analysis. I personally don't care about the media searches, and they just confound the keyword data.

Posted Fri Jun 3 2011 6:35a by onlinesocialnet***

Hey editoria - couldnt agree more. Google images traffic is useless. I can't seem to stop google from indexing. No matter what I try the traffic keeps coming. How did you achieve it?

Posted Wed Feb 8 2012 11:28a by antec***

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