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Clicky Android Home Screen Widget

Hey there,

I just released a widget that allows any Android phone to show traffic data from multiple Clicky sites right on your home screen.

You can tap on the widget itself and it switches from the total data, to the day, to the month, to the week, etc. Also if you tap on the globe it will open up the iPhone version of Clicky in your browser.

Anyway, I have the widget up for a buck (curious to see if anyone will actually pay for it). Here’s a link to get it on the Android Market: Just search for ClickyDroid and you'll be sure to find it.

If you have any suggestions for this, or have any trouble using it feel free to let me know.

Thanks for reading!

Posted Mon Dec 28 2009 12:50p by tony***

Cool! Free Pro upgrade for you.

I will check it out later, don't have time at the moment. We've been wanting a desktop widget and we were planning to commission it next month. Since you have laid the groundwork would you be interested in getting paid to customize it to our liking?

Posted Mon Dec 28 2009 1:08p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Oh wow, thanks for the Pro upgrade.

I'd be up for doing paid work, shoot me an email (tony AT if you want to figure something out.

Posted Mon Dec 28 2009 1:17p by tony***


I'm interested in getting you to do an app. I sent you an email. Will look forward to hearing from you. :)

Posted Tue Dec 29 2009 9:03a by mystikme***

Thanks for all kind feedback everyone. I just sent up an update for the widget that should fix a few bugs. If you had any problems with it force closing on you everything should be good now.

Posted Tue Dec 29 2009 9:35a by tony***

What a great idea. Going to check it out. Thanks!

Posted Mon Jan 10 2011 10:48p by prettym***

Hey Tony, any idea if this is on the UK Android Marketplace? Can't seem to find it, but am interested in it :)

Posted Sat Jan 22 2011 9:52a by wildfiresof***

Mrbigstuff clicky i paid for pro subscription 39.95 on via paypal -fri dec 24 2010 but i am still been ask to upgrave i don't no much about a pc am i doing something wrong

Posted Sun Jan 30 2011 4:03p by mrgoodst***

so fix it i don't no what to do where is the money that i paid i have a rec where i have paid dec 24 2010 but you still wont me to pay again for perimum service

Posted Mon Mar 7 2011 7:20a by mrgoodst***

is this desktop widget for multiple accounts still available? it appears the only one in adnroid store blows as not live wallpaper etc.

Posted Thu Mar 10 2011 10a by DeanColl***

Just bought it. Great app. Thanks. Using it to monitor -

Posted Wed Mar 23 2011 8:11p by popstac***

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