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Can the custom be increased to larger then 31 days

I love the product but it would be great to date range larger than 31 days.

With a bigger sampling of data I can make better decisions, ex. keyword research - I now need to look at each month individually instead of several months at a time to see my keyword trends. The longer date range shows me a better trend so I can gear my blog posts to target those keywords.

So far this is my only MUST have feature for this product.

Posted Sat Jul 19 2008 9:50am by mindquest

to solve this problem today, you can export the data to .csv and use something like to excel to report off of?

Posted Sat Jul 19 2008 9:45pm by frankacter

Thanks frankacter for the suggestion but what I need is to be able to view it on Getclicky for ease of availability and also I will be using this for multiple sites.

Posted Mon Jul 21 2008 1:39pm by mindquest

I'll consider doing this, as it has been requested quite a bit. But it would only be available to Pro members.

Posted Tue Jul 22 2008 9:09am by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thanks for doing this! It will be a great help!

Posted Tue Jul 22 2008 9:41am by mindquest

This is on my must have list too, it would be really helpful for me and might convince me going pro sooner.

Posted Mon Aug 4 2008 9:20am by Ronny

If I could add my name to the list of customers that would like this, I'd like to do so.


Posted Mon Aug 4 2008 11:23am by innovectra

Do you have a timeline when this would be available?

Posted Mon Aug 4 2008 2:12pm by mindquest

Yes, this would be very beneficial to my company as well.

Posted Fri Aug 8 2008 7:26am by ahenson

Hey guys any timetable on this?

Posted Sun Aug 17 2008 9:47pm by mindquest

Has there been update on this? This is a much needed feature for me right now.

Posted Tue Aug 26 2008 2:19pm by adambot

I email Sean about this and here is his reply:

"I dont have a timeline. I never said I was going to do it anytime soon, I just said I would consider adding it. I will definitely add it in but it's not quite as easy as it may sound."

So fingers crossed for this year!!

Posted Tue Aug 26 2008 5:21pm by mindquest

Just seeing if there is any progress on this feature. I have several months of data and it is becoming harder to try to work with it unless I get view the date in larger date time periods.

Posted Mon Oct 6 2008 7:23pm by mindquest

When you get a chance can you give me an update on this?

Posted Fri Oct 24 2008 9:14am by mindquest

Yes, this is becoming more and more critical for us too, and it would be good to know if Clicky will implement it, and if so when.

Posted Mon Oct 27 2008 11:28am by innovectra

Well, I think you'll all be excited to read this post:

Posted Sat Nov 8 2008 1:33pm by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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