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Custom Variables


Think about the value of this...

Let's say you tag different sections, or categories, of your site.

Now, if you apply the goals, traffic, searches, and other refining things, you can see which parts of your site perform the best. People are often too focused on granular items in analytics, or at the whole picture, but forget the inbetween.

Posted Tue Sep 21 2010 6:20p by paradigm***

This is already on the roadmap for next month.

Posted Tue Sep 21 2010 6:38p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Hot!! Hot!!! HOT !!!!

Finally, I can start to say bye bye to GA and Omniture. I will promote you to everyone--for free of course.

Posted Sat Oct 2 2010 1:11a by paradigm***

Do you know if this currently exists? If it does, I cant find it.

Posted Tue Jan 18 2011 3:38p by paradigm***

It hasn't been done yet. Things keep popping up. It is still on the near-term roadmap though. I really want to get it out, trust me!

Posted Tue Jan 18 2011 4:49p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Any news on this? We sure would like to track more than 5 custom variables.

Posted Wed Jul 13 2011 9:41a by kameka***

simply adding one more parameter would make this easy and negate the need for running two tracking scripts (which is your current recommendation), which would save a lot of resources for you as well

Posted Sun Aug 7 2011 2:13p by paradigm***

any news?

Posted Mon Jan 21 2013 3:07a by apetrov***

Any news on this? It's a bit ridiculous that this basic feature is not implemented. 3 years ago was said "it's in the roadmap for next month."

Posted Mon Jul 8 2013 10:45a by ***

I would find this to be a very useful feature. Our CMS can have multiple valid URLs for a given page. Sometimes we want to know the aggregate statistics for each page, regardless of URL. Sometimes the exact URL matters. It would be great if we could put a unique identifier onto each page that we could use to match them regardless of URL. To be really useful, it would need to be included in the action data that we download.

Posted Sun Jul 28 2013 11:58p by CSIR***

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