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I use PPC, sometimes I see"keyword" but most of the time I see

What does the aclk mean and how can I tell what keywords they were searching on before they clicked my ad?



Posted Thu Oct 14 2010 7:32pm by heartlandflags

It's short for "ad click" I think, because it does come from paid searches. We are planning to add support for it in the future.

Posted Fri Oct 15 2010 12:33pm by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Hello Kevin and Friendly Clicky Admin,

One of the reasons I bought a premium account with Clicky is (perhaps was) that I am able to see who visits my website and what keywords are used to get there. Now more and more people get to my website with the aclk link as a referrer (yes I am using Adwords), so I can't figure out what keywords were used.

I understand that Google is trying to keep as much information to itself ($$), but I really hope you guys can fix this... It's really important information for everyone who does a little bit of on-line marketing.



Posted Sat Oct 16 2010 10:47am by justlittle

Yes it is fixable. The search query is in the referrer string. We will get it implemented in the near future.

Posted Sat Oct 16 2010 11:02am by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

I would also appreciate it if you could support the paid clicks keyword trace feature as soon as possible. The problem occurred recently maximum 2 month ago. By the way except the keyword paid click problem getclicky is in my opinion the best Webanalytic-Software on the market. Keep on going guys.


Posted Sat Oct 16 2010 5:40pm by analyticsbakcom

I'm also in need for this.

Posted Sun Oct 17 2010 7:28am by digitalux-DELETED

I need this also, hope you can get this resolved soon as we're losing all of our data, thanks Clicky.

Posted Tue Oct 19 2010 8:46am by ChicagoSEOConsultants

Yes I too would like this feature. it seems that 50% of my clicks from adwords have this in there and it looks very suspicious
to me. as most stay about 10 seconds on my site....please hurry

Posted Tue Oct 19 2010 10:16am by dosarrest

@dosarrest, I just posted a question regarding DSL visitors vs. broadband. I'm wondering if my page load times are to slow for DSL and people are bouncing because I'm getting a lot of 10 sec visitors as well.

Posted Tue Oct 19 2010 11:23am by ChicagoSEOConsultants

On I think you will find that it is from clicks, not on you AdWords ad but on a Google Map List of Businesses. IMPORTANT, IF you select NO on the option to show your add if the user clicks on your Map reference - you may get billed for the Ad display even though you shouldn't. I was.

Posted Wed Oct 20 2010 11:55am by aces4hire

We also need this! Please let us know as soon as the feature is available.

Posted Thu Oct 21 2010 11:48am by processweaver

We will be adding this! Patience :)

Posted Thu Oct 21 2010 1:08pm by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Good news peeps.

Posted Wed Oct 27 2010 4:17pm by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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