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Traffic limit warnings

This is an expensive service to run, so with our best-in-class pricing, we must enforce the limits on your account that you are paying for.

Traffic is enforced on a monthly level. This means that although our pricing page lists allowed traffic as "daily page views", to allow for spikes we multiply that by 30 and add a 20% buffer on top to calculate the maximum amount of traffic you can log in a given month. For example, with our Pro plan, you can log 30,000 daily page views, multipled by 30 gives us 900,000 (soft limit), and adding 20% gives us 1,080,000 (hard limit) page views per month that your account can log.

Once you cross the first threshold of 900,000 page views in a month, we will flag your account as over its limits. You will receive an email at this time and every time you login to Clicky, you will see a huge red box on your user homepage warning you that you are in danger of having tracking disabled through the end of the month (see screenshot below).

If you cross the second threshold of 1,080,000 page views in a month, then we send another email and tracking is automatically disabled for all of your web sites until either 1) the month ends, or 2) you upgrade your account.

The message you will see on your user homepage once you cross the soft limit for total traffic: