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Price changes

We change pricing from time to time. When we do this, it only affects customers signing up for new subscriptions. As long as your subscription remains active, the price and features you signed up for will remain the same.

For credit card subscribers, a failed payment immediately cancels the subscription. However we give a 7-day window to resubscribe before your premium service is actually terminated. As long as you resubscribe within this 7 day window, the option to stay on your current plan will be available on the upgrade page.

For Paypal subscribers, Paypal will automatically retry a failed payment, two additional times over an 7-day period. For each failed payment, you will receive an email both from Paypal and from Clicky alerting you about the failure. Be pro-active and make sure your Paypal billing information is up to date. If all three payment attempts fail, Paypal cancel the subscriptions, which terminates your premium service immediately on our end.

If your premium service does expire, you will have to sign up for a new subscription at the current pricing.