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API throttling

For visitors-list, actions-list, and segmentation queries, the maximum date range is 7 days and the maximum 'limit' is 1000. Additionally, only one request per site ID per IP address is allowed.

NOTE: These restrictions only apply to these 3 specific query types. No other query types are impacted.

The reason for these restrictions is because these queries take a tremendous amount of processing. We used to allow up to 31 days, but over the years some of our customers have built automated scripts that mass export all of this data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We don't have a problem with that, but as time has gone on, these massive exports were affecting the ability of some database servers to keep up with real time. When this happens, it can impact thousands of customers and that's no good. So, we had to put these restrictions in place for these 3 query types.

UPDATE! We now offer the option to remove the per-IP throttling as part of our new custom upgrade page. However, for performance reasons, the date range and limit throttles cannot be removed.