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Campaigns aren't working

Typically the first thing you're going to do after setting up a campaign is test it.

There are two problems with this:

1) Clicky ignores your own traffic to your own site by default.

2) Clicky only logs campaigns for the first page view of a visitor session.

Even if (1) didn't apply, chances are that you were already active on your website as you were playing around and setting up your campaigns. Well, that would mean your session is already active, your landing page has already been logged, so it would ignored anyways.

The reason we only log campaigns for your landing pages is because we want them to be accurate. Say a visitor arrives on your site from some random link, reads a bit and then wants to learn more about your company. So they search Google for your company and the first link is an ad you posted that would normally trigger a campaign being logged on Clicky. They click the link and come back to your site. Would you call that a true campaign visitor? No, they were already on your site through some other organic means, so we ignore the campaign.

Another reason we only log for the landing page is to ensure we only log one campaign per visitor. (Note, we do the same thing for referrers too). It is very common behavior for a visitor to click a link, go back, then click the same link again. In the early days of Clicky we were rather dumbfounded by this behavior, but it drove us crazy how much it was falsely inflating our own stats. So we changed it to only log for landing pages. As far as we are aware, as of March 2013, we are the only service in the industry who does this. It is a common question that new customers have.