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Clicky has its own URL shortener called, designed to be used in tandem with Clicky itself.

The reason we built this many years ago is because we wanted to do something that no other URL shortener did, and is still unique to today: being able to track visitors who click your shortened links after they arrive on your website.

There are a thousand URL shorteners and they will all give you basic stats like how many clicks each link has received, geography of people who clicked a link, top referrers for those links, etc. But no shortener gives you data about the visitors after they arrive at your website.

Used in tandem with Clicky, does just that. Anyone who clicks on a shortened link will be attached to that link in the Links -> report. Click on any of the links shown in there to see the visitors who clicked your link. You can then view their sessions individually or see other things such as the top goals completed by those visitors.