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Redirects aren't tracked

A lot of sites use local redirects for outbound links, so they can count clicks themselves. That's great, but once you start using an external tracker like Clicky, our code has no way of knowing these links will redirect after they are clicked. We see them as internal links and hence ignore clicks on them.

There is a solution, however! Using one of our custom tracking options, you can define patterns for your redirect links that our code will look for and tag as outbound links automatically. This is good because you only have to essentially create a Javascript variable and it will work automatically, rather than having to tag them manually.

A common pattern we see is using /go/ for redirects. For example, a link on your site that points to /go/google may redirect to

In this case you just need to tell our code that /go/ is the pattern and we will tag all links as outbounds automatically. This should go in the same place your existing tracking code is set, and it needs to go before the normal tracking code.

var clicky_custom = {};
clicky_custom.outbound_pattern = '/go/';

<!-- your hypothetical tracking code -->
<script src=''></script>