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Paypal will try to make a payment 3 times before the subscription is canceled. If the first payment fails, they will try again 3 days later. If that one fails, they will try one last time 5 days after that.

For each failed payment, you should get an automated email from both Clicky and Paypal regarding the failed payment. Typically this is the result of the billing method attached to the subscription either expiring or not having enough funds. Paypal doesn't allow subscriptions to be paid for using your Paypal balance for reasons unknown, so the payment method will typically be your credit card or bank account.

Login to Paypal and check the billing method to make sure it's valid and up to date.

If all three payments fail, your subscription is automatically canceled by Paypal. When this happens your premium service is immediately canceled on our end as well. You will need to re-upgrade your account to reactivate tracking on all of your sites and get access to premium features again.

If you plan to use Clicky long term, it is imperative you keep your subscription active, as you may be subject to pricing changes that have occurred since you originally signed up for payment.