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How long is data stored for?

Free/basic accounts have 30 days of history and likewise are only guaranteed those 30 days of history.

Premium accounts have indefinite history, with the exception of heatmaps, and individual visitors and actions (page views, etc). These take up an enormous amount of space, so are only guaranteed for 6 months. However this data is only "purged" about once per year. So at any given time, you will have between 6 and 18 months of history for individual visitors and actions. Heatmaps are purged automatically on a monthly basis however, so you will never have more than 6 months of heatmap data available.

Keep your billing information up to date and react quickly to any account notifications you receive via email. We send notifications when there are any payment issues or when an account's premium status is about to expire.

If you have a premium account that becomes downgraded to free/basic status for any reason, your history beyond the last 30 days is at risk of being purged.