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How long is data stored for?

Free/basic accounts have access to 30 days of history, and likewise are only guaranteed those 30 days of history.

Premium accounts have access to indefinite history, with the following exceptions:
- Heatmaps and visitor sessions - These take up an enormous amount of space, so are only guaranteed for 6 months.
- All other reports - Daily data is guaranteed for 4 years. Beyond that, you can only view reports on a monthly basis.

Old data from inactive and free accounts is purged on an as-needed basis, as database servers get very large over time and we need to make room for new sites and/or new data every couple of years. This means that most of the time, your available history will be much larger than the limits above, with the exception of heatmaps which are hard-limited to 6 months.

If you see a "database maintenance" message on your site's dashboard, this means a data purge is in progress. Depending on the server, this process takes between 6 and 24 hours. Reports are still available to view during a purge, but processing of new data is halted until the purge is done. Once completed, the traffic backlog will be processed, which typically takes another 1-2 hours.

If you have a premium account that becomes downgraded for any reason, your history beyond the last 30 days is at risk of being purged.
So keep your billing information up to date and react quickly to any account notifications you receive via email. We send notifications when there are any payment issues or when an account's premium status is about to expire.