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Problems with normal goals (pre-defined and based purely on URL matching)

Since these are based on URL matching only, the problem is almost always caused by incorrect URL patterns entered into the goal form!

You want to enter in goal URLs and funnels exactly as they appear in your Clicky reports.

If the domain name is attached to the item in our reports (which will happen for sub-domains, mirrors, downlaods, and outbound links), then you want to include the in the URL you enter into the goal form. Otherwise, leave it off.

You want to make your URLs as generic as possible while still being unique enough that a goal will only be trigged at the appropriate time.

For example, if your visitors always end up on a page like this:


Chances are the "id=123&cart=456" parts don't matter. In this case just enter in "/thankyou".

By default, whatever you enter in for your URL and funnel, we will apply wildcards automatically on both ends of the URLs.

In the example above, if you enter "/thankyou", it will really be processed like this by our goal code: */thankyou*, with the *'s being wildcards, meaning they will match "anything".

Rarely do you need to make your URLs match exactly what you enter, but if that is the case, then check the "Exact match" box on the goal setup page.

Whether you choose exact match or not, you can still put wildcards manually into the URLs. This may be needed if the start and end of your goal URLs are important but the middle part is not.

In the example above, if "cart" is important, but "id" is not, then you could do this: