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How to configure uptime monitoring

Uptime monitoring requires a Pro Plus or higher account. It's also available during the free 21 day trial.

To set up monitoring, go to the main "Uptime" tab in your reporting interface, then "Setup", then click the "Create new uptime check" at the top, as shown below.

You will then see a form to configure you uptime monitor. Each check requires a unique name so give it a name and then enter in the end point URL you want us to check. The rest of the fields are optional and you can usually leave them as the default settings.

This screenshot shows where to set up uptime monitoring. The IPs we use to monitor from are listed at the bottom (note, they may not always be the same as what's shown in this screenshot). If you are getting lots of false positive uptime alerts, it may be because these IP addresses got blocked by some automated process since they access your site repeatedly at specific intervals, in which case you'll need to talk to your network administrator about white listing them.