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Naming visitors

If you know who a particular visitor is, you can name or "tag" them so future visits will have this name attached to them.

When viewing a visitor session, click the "tag" link next to their IP address or their Unique ID (UID). Because the Unique ID is a cookie, we recommend tagging those instead of IP addresses, as the tags will still work even if their IP address changes.

Give the visitor a meaningful name, e.g. "Cousin Billy".

If you want to ignore future visits from this visitor, check the "ignore" box. (NOTE: This will not block them from visiting your site, instead Clicky will just ignore them). Then choose whether you want this tag to apply to all of your sites (recommended), or just the current site you're viewing.

When you submit the form, the tag will apply to the last 3 days of visits from this person, and all future visits.

A tagged visitor will have their name shown up front, with a star next to them, so you can easily pick them out from other unknown visitors.

Clicking on their name will show you a list of visits tagged with that username for the last 7 days (by default). Use the date menu to visits from other time periods.