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Page titles

Clicky only stores one page title per unique URL. So if you are logging the same URL with potentially multiple page titles (e.g. something dynamic based on the visitor's session), the title you see within a session may not what was actually displayed to the visitor. You must create a unique URL for every unique page title you want to use. (This is most commonly a problem when logging javascript events.)

The page title for any given URL will get updated on our end once every random ~100 views. This means if a page title changes, you may not see that change immediately in Clicky. Likewise, some visitors may use translation plugins in their browser, which modify the HTML and literally change the title of the page, and we may end up updating our cache on one of those views. In either scenario, the title we show will eventually get updated to the current one.

Spy works differently however, as it shows raw incoming data with minimal normalization and no database storage. So in Spy, you will always see current page titles and potentially multiple page titles per URL.

The caching can cause confusion, but customers used to be just as confused in the olden days when a unique page was determined by its URL and page title. They would see the same URL in their content report a bunch of times, but each with a different title, and ask us why we didn't group them all together. Since there is just as much confusion either way, we went with what seemed most logical: a page's uniqueness being detrmined solely by its URL.