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Page titles

1) Page titles can't be logged if you are are using the non-javascript tracking code.

2) Page titles are cached and only updated randomly every 100 views of that URL. This means if you change a page title, or the structure of all your page titles, you won't see that change immediately in Clicky. But they will all eventually be updated. Please be patient!

3) Spy shows raw incoming data, before it's processed by the database. So in Spy, you will see up to date page titles and multiple page titles per URL.

4) Clicky only stores one unique page title per unique URL that is logged. So if you are logging the same URL with multiple page titles, what you need to do is create a unique URL for every unique page title you want to log. This is most commonly a problem when logging javascript events.

Although #4 can be annoying, it has its benefits. Before we did this, the following problems were common:

a) Visitors without Javascript don't log page titles. "Blank" being a unique page title, these would be reported as unique pages in the Content report.

b) For sites with non-English characters in their page titles, some older browsers would severely mangle the characters on their transport to our servers. These would then be reported as unique pages as well.

Because of these issues, many years ago we made it so unique pages are determined solely by their URL.