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URL parsing

Storing raw URLs can take up a lot of space, so they are normalized and reduced, to a point anyways. For most sites this causes no issues, but some sites experience typically minor side effects. So, if some URLs don't seem correct to you, keep the following in mind:

1) For both the path and the query string, Clicky supports a maximum length of 250 characters each. Beyond that, they are cut off.

2) Query parameters whose name or value is longer than 128 characters are stripped out. Parameters longer than this are typically extremely longer than this.

3) Clicky automatically strips out common session variables, e.g. PHPSESSID, jsessionid, etc.

4) If domains or paths match certain patterns on our end, e.g. for advertising or affiliate links, we automatically strip off all query parameters, and in some cases the path as well. The reason for this is because in almost all cases, the query data reprents an internal click identifier that is typically extremely long and not of any use to anyone outside of the advertising or affiliate company themselves.

5) We don't currently support internal searches by default, so those are stripped off unless you set them up. For your web site's pages, if the path contains the string "search", the entire query string is dropped. If your search parameter is "search", that parameter is ignored.

6) We don't log #anchortags unless that is the only thing being logged, e.g. "#menu". This style is typically used to log events, via clicky.log().