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My visits to my own site are / aren't getting logged

The intended behavior is that your own visits to your own sites are NOT logged. This is done by setting a cookie when you login.

If you need to test something on your site, use a different browser than you normally do, or enable private / incognito mode on your browser to disable cookies.

Note that this cookie is a third party cookie, for the domain ''. This domain is where data is logged to for any site that has Clicky's code installed installed.

If you are getting tracked by Clicky on your own web sites, the two main reasons for this are:

1) You have third party cookies disabled. Note you can leave them disabled globally but simply whitelist our tracking domain (

2) You haven't logged into Clicky from the same computer/browser where you got tracked from. Once you have logged in and visited your user homepage, the cookie will get set.